Post-Resuscitation Care

Post-resuscitation care is a critical phase following successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), aiming to optimize outcomes for patients who have experienced cardiac arrest. It involves meticulous monitoring and management to prevent secondary brain injury, systemic complications, and organ dysfunction. Key components include maintaining adequate oxygenation, hemodynamic stability, and neurological function. Therapeutic hypothermia or targeted temperature management may be employed to mitigate neurological damage and improve survival rates. Continuous assessment of cardiac rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation guides interventions to stabilize the patient's condition. Post-resuscitation care also encompasses addressing the underlying cause of cardiac arrest, such as myocardial infarction or electrolyte imbalances, through appropriate medical interventions. Multidisciplinary collaboration involving emergency physicians, intensivists, cardiologists, and neurologists is essential for comprehensive post-resuscitation care.

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Dr. Sanjeev Pratap

Emergency & Critical Care Physician, NABH Assessor & Professor MIOT International, Tamilnadu

Dr. Siddharth Chavaliis currently working as Head of Neuroanaesthesiology and Lead - Division of Chronic Pain & Neuromodulation ,Institute of Neurosciences in AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad. He was invited as guest speaker for various events nationally and internationally

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