Nutrition in liver disease

In liver disease, moderate protein intake helps prevent excessive ammonia production, supporting liver function. A balanced diet with controlled carbohydrates and healthy fats aids energy production and avoids excessive stress on the liver. Proper vitamin and mineral supplementation address deficiencies common in liver disease, supporting overall health. Maintaining adequate hydration is crucial, as it supports liver function and helps eliminate toxins from the body. A low-sodium diet helps manage fluid retention, a common complication in liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Tailoring caloric intake to individual needs prevents malnutrition and provides energy for daily activities. Eliminating alcohol and limiting exposure to toxins is essential in preserving liver function and preventing further damage. Omega-3 fatty acids from sources like fish or flaxseed may have anti-inflammatory effects, beneficial for liver health.

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Dr. Daphnee D K

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Dr. Daphnee D K

Chief Clinical Dietitian Apollo Hospitals, Chennai Head, Dept of Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Dr.Daphnee has 25 years of Clinical Experience at Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai. She has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition her Area of Research: Analysis of nutritional deficits in Indian adult patients with end stage liver disease  influence of nutritional support on peri and post liver transplant outcomes. She has been awarded CMO Asia award 2017, for Best quality initiative in Healthcare (Combating Hospital Malnutrition: An Indian Perspective) at Le Meridien, Singapore, Sentosa and Apollo Clinical Excellence award 2018, for being instrumental in the development and implementation of Digital Dietitian Module to digitalize the nutrition care process towards paperless hospital. She has few national and international publications and also reviewed journal of enteral and parenteral Nutrition. Also Course Director: Apollo Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Internship Program, Member of Board of Studies, University of Madras.

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