Motility Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

Recognize symptoms such as dysphagia, bloating, and altered bowel habits indicative of motility issues. Assess movement through the digestive tract to diagnose motility disorders accurately. Innovative technology aids in studying the entire gastrointestinal transit in a non-invasive manner. Tailored management may include dietary adjustments, medications, or surgical interventions based on the underlying cause. Address conditions like achalasia or esophageal spasm through targeted therapies. Dietary modifications, medications, and in severe cases, gastric electrical stimulation may be considered. Targeted treatments address issues like pseudo-obstruction or colonic inertia. Collaboration among gastroenterologists, dietitians, and surgeons ensures comprehensive care. Empower individuals with motility disorders through education, fostering active participation in their care and management.

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Dr. Sriram Srikakulapu
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Dr. Sriram Srikakulapu

Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist, Yashoda Hospitals

 Dr. Sriram Srikakulapu is a Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda. He specialises in motility disorders, pancreatic disorders, liver diseases, endoscopic ultrasound, therapeutic ERCP, gastrointestinal critical care, and functional bowel disorders. His areas of expertise include Functional Bowel Disorders, Motility Disorders- Esophageal and Anorectal Manometry, Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Critical care, Therapeutic ERCP, Therapeutic EUS, EVL Banding and Glue Injection for Gastric Varices. He published various papers nationally and internationally.

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