Endodontic Restorations:Post and Core Placements

Post and core placement is a dental procedure used to restore a severely damaged or decayed tooth, typically one that has undergone root canal therapy. During this procedure, a dental post (a small metal or tooth-colored rod) is anchored within the root canal to provide structural support, and a core (a filling material) is built up around the post to create a stable foundation for a crown. This process ensures the tooth's strength and enables the placement of a prosthetic crown, ultimately restoring both function and aesthetics to the tooth, allowing the patient to regain normal dental function.

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Dr. V.S. Mohan 

Dr. V.S Mohan
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Dr. V.S. Mohan Dr. V.S Mohan

Former President of IDA, Endodontist at Dr. Mohan’s Dente Dental Clinic, Mumbai

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