Overview Of Commonly Used Robotic Surgical Platforms

Robotic surgical platforms have revolutionized the field of surgery by providing enhanced precision, dexterity, and minimally invasive techniques. The da Vinci system by Intuitive Surgical is among the most well-known robotic platforms. It offers a high degree of surgical precision and is widely used in urology, gynecology, and general surgery. This system combines the Mazor X robotic guidance with the Stealth navigation system, primarily used in spine surgery for precise placement of implants. TransEnterix's Senhance system is designed for laparoscopic procedures, providing laparoscopic surgeons with robotic assistance for better control and ergonomics. The Hugo system is a versatile robotic platform for various surgical specialties, featuring 3D visualization and haptic feedback. Titan Medical SPORT Surgical robotic system focuses on minimally invasive surgery, offering single-port access for procedures such as cholecystectomy and gynecologic surgery. These robotic surgical platforms continue to advance, offering improved patient outcomes, shorter recovery times, and reduced surgical complications. Surgeons and healthcare institutions are increasingly adopting these technologies to provide the best possible care to patients.

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Dr. Rooma Sinha

Clinical Lead- Gyn Robotic Surgery- Apollo Hospitals GROUP, FOUNDER PRESIDENT- AGRS (Association of Gynecological Robotic Surgeons)

Dr. Rooma Sinha, Professor Gynecology (Apollo Hyderabad) | Associate Prof Macquarie University, Sydney,Clinical Lead- Gyn Robotic Surgery- Apollo Hospitals GROUP,FOUNDER PRESIDENT- AGRS (Association of Gynecological Robotic Surgeons)

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