Mycoplasma Pneumonias outbreak

Mycoplasma pneumonia is a bacterium causing respiratory infections, often manifesting as atypical pneumonia. Periodic outbreaks occur in communities, especially in crowded settings like schools and military barracks. The bacterium spreads through respiratory droplets, with close person-to-person contact facilitating its transmission. Symptoms include persistent cough, fever, fatigue, and occasionally extrapulmonary manifestations like skin rashes. Mycoplasma pneumonia commonly affects children and young adults, but individuals of any age can be susceptible. Diagnosing mycoplasma pneumonia can be challenging due to atypical symptoms, often requiring specific laboratory tests. Antibiotics such as macrolides or tetracyclines are prescribed for effective treatment, although some cases may resolve without specific therapy. Implementing respiratory hygiene practices, especially in crowded environments, can help prevent outbreaks. Outbreaks may trigger public health responses, including surveillance, education, and appropriate antibiotic use to control the spread of Mycoplasma pneumonia.

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Dr. Arianna Huerta Martinez

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Dr. Arianna Huerta Martinez

Specialist Paediatrician, Medcare Paediatric Speciality Centre, Dubai

She is a member of the National Paediatrics Council of Mexico, the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Mexican Association and the Mexican Council of Infectology. Dr. Martinez has a special interest in paediatric infectious diseases and inflammatory syndromes like Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome related to COVID and Kawasaki Disease

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