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Weight gain is a common concern for individuals with diabetes who require insulin therapy to manage their blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that regulates glucose uptake by cells, and when used to treat diabetes, it can lead to an increase in body weight for some individuals. This weight gain is primarily due to insulin's role in promoting the storage of glucose as fat in adipose tissue and reducing the breakdown of stored fat. Insulin-induced weight gain tends to affect some people more than others, and genetic factors may play a role in determining susceptibility. Healthcare providers often emphasize the importance of monitoring caloric intake, portion sizes, and carbohydrate consumption when using insulin.Insulin therapy may lead to an increased appetite, making it important for individuals to be mindful of their eating habits. The prognosis for diastolic dysfunction varies but is generally better than systolic heart failure, especially with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Patients with diastolic dysfunction require regular follow-up and monitoring to assess changes in cardiac function and adjust treatment as needed.

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Dr. KVS Hari Kumar

Consultant Endocrinologist, Magna Clinics, Hyderabad

Dr. KVS Hari Kumar is currently working as Consultant Endocrinologist at MAGNA Clinics, Hyderabad. He was a graduate and postgraduate from AFMC, Pune and completed DNB in Endocrinology from Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad. He was University First in MD (Medicine) and received a total of 4 Gold medals during postgraduation. He has published 210 research papers in peer reviewed, indexed national and international medical journals and authored 12 chapters in textbooks of Medicine and Endocrinology.

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