Docs-in-Talks: Chapter 005
New age career planning

Dr. Swamy Swaroop Athelli, a seasoned healthcare consultant and entrepreneur, stressed the importance of continuous upskilling in today’s   competitive world. He emphasized that regardless of one’s chosen career path, the pursuit of growth through ongoing learning is crucial for doctors. Dr. Swaroop emphasized the significance of adapting to emerging trends, particularly in fields like AI, and highlighted the necessity of establishing a strong online presence via social media to engage with patients effectively. As a graduate of ISB, he also highlighted how this degree broadened his understanding of hospital management, covering areas such as finance and marketing.

Dr. Krishna K, a senior medical professional with diverse clinical experience, shared insights on unconventional career paths for medical professionals. He emphasized the nonlinear nature of career growth, advocating self-branding and upskilling as vital strategies to thrive in the constantly evolving healthcare field. Dr. Krishna highlighted the role of social media in building trust and expanding reach, citing examples of doctors leveraging platforms like YouTube and Instagram to share expertise and connect with patients. He also discussed the role of Medvarsity in developing curated courses, emphasizing the importance of staying updated with evolving healthcare practices.

Together, their perspectives emphasize the importance of embracing innovation and leveraging digital platforms to engage both patients and peers effectively, ultimately shaping a successful and fulfilling career path in medicine.  

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