Docs-in-Talks: Chapter 009
Engaging Students/Faculty in New-Age Career Planning

Dr. Sharmila emphasized that solving problems and thinking about solutions is key to success. Success is measured by how much you can help others, whether it’s by earning more money, becoming famous, creating jobs, or simply offering support. All these actions positively impact people’s lives and stem from empathy, which involves understanding and addressing others’ needs. She highlighted that fame comes from doing things that benefit others, and practical application of knowledge is crucial. Many academically brilliant people feel dejected because their knowledge doesn’t help anyone, leading to a lack of success. She stressed the importance of continuous professional development and education, especially in rapidly evolving fields, as it broadens perspectives and enhances effectiveness. Setting long-term goals and breaking them down into short-term objectives is essential for reaching one’s aspirations.


Dr. Swaroop discussed the career options available after completing an MBBS. He encouraged thinking outside the box and choosing unique paths despite high competition. Planning and upskilling are crucial for creating a name and portfolio in the medical field. He advised keeping multiple career options open and continuously learning. Challenges will come from various sources, but personal determination and self-challenge are vital. Embracing challenges can be motivating and lead to personal and professional growth.

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