Docs-in-Talks: Chapter 001
New age career planning for Emergency Medicine Doctors

Dr. Praneeth Oladri, a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Apollo Hospitals and Joint Secretary for the Society for Emergency Medicine, Telangana chapter, shared valuable insights into the often overlooked but critical field of emergency medicine. He emphasized the pivotal role emergency medicine and critical care play in stabilizing and managing patients in hospitals. Despite the lack of recognition, Dr. Praneeth highlighted the indispensable nature of these specialties in ensuring patient safety and preventing adverse outcomes.


He highlighted the need for comprehensive training in emergency medicine to equip doctors with the necessary skills to handle critical situations effectively. Dr. Praneeth advocated for setting SMART goals and meticulous planning to get through the various stages of career progression in emergency medicine. He encouraged doctors to consider gaining experience abroad but emphasized the importance of returning to India to contribute to the development of emergency medicine and critical care in India. Dr. Praneeth’s insights shed light on ever-advancing healthcare and the crucial role emergency medicine doctors play in saving lives and improving patient outcomes, both in India and globally. Through his guidance, he aims to inspire and empower aspiring emergency medicine practitioners to pursue excellence in this essential field.

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