Managing Jaundice: From Diagnosis to Care

Gain a foundational understanding of jaundice, including key terminologies and the bile fluid drainage system. Learn about bilirubin formation, both conjugated and unconjugated, and explore the causes of hyperbilirubinemia. Understand diagnostic tests such as Ehrlich’s test and those specific for obstructive jaundice. Delve into a detailed case study of a patient with obstructive jaundice and additional known comorbidities. Explore the various aspects of jaundice, including its causes, risk factors, clinical symptoms, and signs. Learn about the different types of jaundice, their diagnosis, and the medical and dietary management strategies. Understand potential complications and the critical role of nursing management in patient care. Join us to enhance your knowledge and skills in diagnosing and managing jaundice effectively, improving patient outcomes through comprehensive care strategies.

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Dr. Pradeep
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Dr. Pradeep

Consultant Intensivist, Apollo Hospital, Seshadripuram

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