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World Mental Health Day is an important occasion to raise awareness about psychological well-being and its impact on daily living. It reminds us that mental health is as crucial as physical health, influencing our overall quality of life. Psychology offers valuable tools for managing stress, helping individuals cope with the demands of daily life more effectively. Understanding psychological principles empowers us to build emotional resilience, navigate challenges, and maintain mental equilibrium. Psychology provides insights into communication, empathy, and conflict resolution, enhancing our ability to foster healthy relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Self-reflection and self-awareness, key aspects of psychology, help us better understand our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.Encourages the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health issues, promoting open dialogue and seeking help when needed. The field of positive psychology reminds us to focus on strengths, gratitude, and positivity, contributing to a more fulfilling daily life.

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Khushal Dilip Ugale
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Khushal Dilip Ugale

Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Sunshine Counselling and Therapy Center

Mr. Khushal Dilip Ugale is a registered Clinical Psychologist recognized by RCI. He has completed an M.Sc in Neuropsychology from Gujarat Forensic Science University and an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Osmania University. He has been working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Sunshine Counseling and Therapy Center, Nashik. He is also a visiting psychologist at Tata Consultancy Services.

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