Exploring career opportunities after BHMS

Exploring career opportunities after obtaining a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) degree offers a range of options beyond traditional homeopathic practice. Many BHMS graduates choose to establish private homeopathic clinics, providing holistic healthcare services to patients. They can pursue research and academic careers, contributing to the field's knowledge and teaching future homeopathic practitioners. Some hospitals integrate homeopathy into their services, offering opportunities for BHMS graduates to work in hospital settings. Government health departments and agencies employ homeopathic doctors for public healthcare programs and research. The pharmaceutical industry offers roles in research, quality control, and product development related to homeopathic medicines. BHMS professionals can offer consultation and counseling services in lifestyle management, nutrition, and holistic wellness and many more

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Dr. Sujata C Gokak 
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Dr. Sujata C Gokak

Professor and HOD Dept of Practice of Medicine Anuradha Homoeopathic Medical College &Hospital

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