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Coinfection of tuberculosis (TB) and diabetes presents a complex healthcare challenge. TB-diabetes co-infection is increasingly prevalent due to the global rise in both diseases, particularly in countries with high TB incidence. Diabetes increases the risk of TB infection, and TB can worsen glycemic control in diabetics, creating a dangerous feedback loop. Co-infected individuals often face more severe TB symptoms, delayed treatment response, and a higher risk of TB drug resistance.Diabetes impairs the immune response, making individuals more susceptible to TB infection and complicating treatment.Accurate diagnosis can be difficult due to overlapping symptoms and the need for specialized tests to confirm both diseases. Managing both TB and diabetes simultaneously requires careful coordination of medications, as some anti-TB drugs may affect blood sugar levels.Routine screening for diabetes in TB patients and vice versa is crucial to identify coinfections early and provide appropriate care.Collaborative efforts between TB and diabetes healthcare teams are essential to ensure comprehensive care and better outcomes for co-infected individuals.

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Dr.Arati Shahande
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Dr.Arati Shahande

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Member- Diabetic Foot Society of India Governing Council, Pune

Dr.Arati Shahande is Consultant Physician & Diabetologist, Member- Diabetic Foot Society of India Governing Council, Pune. Dr. Arati completed her M.B.B.S.from Karnataka Medical College and M.D in Kasturba Medical College. She also pursued her Postgraduate diploma in diabetes care, New Castle, University of Australia and also Fellowship in general Infectious diseases, CMC, Vellore. She worked in diabetes and endocrinology. Examiner, Health Sciences Department, Pune

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