Preventing cell misidentification in daily lab routine

Preventing cell misidentification in daily lab routines is essential for maintaining data integrity and ensuring accurate experimental outcomes. Implementing stringent protocols for cell handling, labeling, and documentation reduces the risk of misidentification errors. Regular verification of cell lines through authentication methods such as DNA profiling or short tandem repeat (STR) analysis is crucial to confirm cell identity. Maintaining meticulous records of cell passages, storage conditions, and experimental procedures facilitates traceability and accountability. Implementing standardized procedures for cell culture maintenance and authentication across the laboratory promotes consistency and reliability in research outcomes. Regular training and education of laboratory personnel on proper cell culture techniques and quality control measures reinforce best practices and minimize errors. Vigilance and attention to detail in every step of the experimental workflow are paramount to prevent cell misidentification and uphold scientific rigor.

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Dr. Charudutt Joshi
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Dr. Charudutt Joshi

Medical Director Genes India , ART Bank, Hyderabad

Dr Joshi has done his post graduation in life sciences, special training in ICSI IVF and sperm morphology from Belgium. He Has also done special training in laser assisted hatching from Belgium. Dr. Joshi has done special training for embryo freezing from KK women’s hospital, Singapore, has special training in PGD from Germany and a doctorate in life sciences. Dr. Joshi is presently working as lab director in Mohak Hi tech Laparoscopy and infertility centers in India and Asian countries. She is even a Executive committee member of MP ISAR Chapter, past vice president ACE(Academy of clinical embryologist and President ACE

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