Lasers in dentistry: Practical applications and Implementation

Lasers are used for various soft tissue procedures like gum contouring, frenectomy, and removal of oral lesions with minimal bleeding and postoperative discomfort. They can effectively remove dark patches or pigmentation from the gums to enhance esthetics. Laser-assisted periodontal therapy can help remove infected tissue and promote gum reattachment in cases of gum disease. They can be used to remove decayed tooth structure, reducing the need for traditional drilling and preserving more healthy tooth material. Dental lasers can help alleviate tooth sensitivity by sealing open dentinal tubules and reducing nerve exposure. Laser-assisted teeth whitening procedures can accelerate the bleaching process, enhancing the effectiveness of in-office whitening treatments. Lasers can precisely remove tooth structure for dental restorations and cavity preparations, minimizing discomfort for patients.

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Dr. Vinisha Pandey

Endodontist, laser specialist, Dr. Vinisha Pandey dentistry , Kanpur

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