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Improving outcomes in IBD with early effective therapy & biosimilars

Improving outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) involves early and effective therapy to reduce inflammation and prevent complications. Utilizing biosimilars, which are cost-effective alternatives to biologic medications, can enhance treatment accessibility and adherence. Early intervention with these therapies can lead to better disease control and improved quality of life for patients. Regular monitoring and personalized treatment plans are essential to maximize the benefits of early therapy and biosimilars. Ongoing research and clinical trials continue to support the efficacy and safety of biosimilars in managing IBD.

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Dr. Salem Awadh
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Dr. Salem Awadh

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Amrita Medical Center, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Salim Awad is a consultant gastroenterologist who has completed extensive training in Gastroenterology from India, Newcastle, Belgium, and France. He has worked in several prestigious hospitals, including Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, Al Jazira & Central Hospitals in the UAE, and Freeman Hospital. Dr. Salim has  long experience in endoscopy management and liver disease with follow up for the patients with liver transplant. Dr. Awad provides teaching programs for undergraduates and junior doctors at Al Ain University and has attended prominent conferences such as the World Congress of Gastroenterology in Sydney, the Digestive Disease Conference in Amsterdam, and the New Advances in Gastroenterology Conference in Berlin.

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