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Early Nutrition and Its Effect on Growth, Body Composition, and Later Obesity

Factors affecting early life metabolic programming(Prenatal and postnatal nutrition, Early childhood nutrition, Epigenetics).Impact of early metabolic programming in long term health and disease.Link Between Early Nutrition and Later Obesity.Influence of early feeding practices on appetite regulation and energy balance. Evidence-based recommendations for promoting healthy eating habits from infancy. Role of healthcare professionals in supporting optimal nutrition during early life. Real-life examples illustrating the impact of early nutrition on growth and obesity risk.Practical strategies for healthcare providers to assess and address early nutrition concerns in clinical practice.

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Dr. Ganesh Kulkarini
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Dr. Ganesh Kulkarini

Director & Chief Consultant, Sanjeevani Children’s Hospital, Mumbai

 Dr Ganesh Laxmikant Kulkarni, a seasoned pediatrician, has dedicated over two decades to serving the medical community. Graduating from Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad, in 1994 and completing his post-graduation at Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai, in 1997, he possesses extensive clinical experience. As Director and Chief Consultant at Sanjeevani Children’s Hospital since 2000, his expertise in pediatric intensive care is unmatched. Dr Kulkarni’s influence extends beyond clinical practice; he actively contributes to academia as a PG teacher at Sanjeevani Children’s Hospital and as faculty at state conferences across Maharashtra. With a fervor for infectious diseases, pediatric critical care, and vaccinology, Dr Kulkarni continues to propel pediatric healthcare forward. His contributions are evident through numerous publications in index journals, the authorship of academic content in books on vaccinology, and his involvement as a principal investigator in various clinical trials

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