Approach to Infants with GERD-like Symptoms

 Begin by obtaining a detailed history, focusing on feeding patterns, regurgitation frequency, and associated symptoms such as irritability and poor weight gain.  Conduct a thorough physical examination to identify signs of distress, such as arching of the back, fussiness during or after feeds, and respiratory symptoms. Rule out other causes of similar symptoms, including infections, metabolic disorders, and structural abnormalities. Evaluate the infant's feeding technique, assess for possible overfeeding or intolerance to certain formulas, and consider breastfeeding practices. Implement non-pharmacological interventions, such as feeding position adjustments, smaller and more frequent feeds, and thickening of feeds with rice cereal. If conservative measures prove ineffective, consider acid-suppressing medications under the guidance of a pediatric gastroenterologist, taking into account potential risks and benefits.

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Dr Pandu Chouhan

Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterology, KIMS Hospital, Hyderabad

Worked as Assistant Professor in Rajshree Medical Research Institute (Sept 2021- May 2022) Total 6 years and 9 months experience (2015-2022) – 3 Years as Senior Resident and 3 Years as Junior Resident Performed more than 30 liver biopsies in children Performed more than 100 upper GI endoscopy and more than 30 Sigmoidoscopy / Proctoscopy Performed more than 50 EVL (Endoscopic Band Variceal Ligation) Performed 3 capsule endoscopies Performed more than 100 therapeutic paracentesis

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