Eyebrow Keyhole Technique: Landmark Innovative Surgery by Apollo Neurosurgeons for Insular Brain Tumor Removal

Join us for the Apollo Innovation Series as we explore the revolutionary supraorbital “eyebrow” craniotomy, an innovative approach developed by the neurosurgeons at Apollo Cancer Centre, Chennai. In this session, Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar will share, for the first time, insights into the revolutionary eyebrow keyhole approach used to treat deeply seated insular brain tumors. This minimally invasive technique marks a significant advancement in the field of neurosurgery and promises to enhance patient outcomes. This minimally invasive technique allows surgeons to access brain tumors through a small incision hidden within the eyebrow line, significantly reducing recovery time, minimizing scarring, and decreasing the risk of complications compared to traditional craniotomies. With excellent cosmetic outcomes and less postoperative pain, this method represents a significant advancement in neurosurgery, combining precision with enhanced patient comfort. Learn how this groundbreaking technique is transforming brain tumor surgery and improving patient care

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Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar
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Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, Apollo Cancer Centre, Chennai

Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar, MBBS(CMC Vellore), MCh, FACS (USA), is an accomplished neurosurgeon with over 21 years of experience, having managed over 4000 complex cases across more than 25 countries and four continents. Renowned for his commitment to high-quality patient care, robust medical ethics, and evidence-based decision-making, he has made significant contributions to scientific literature, co-editing a textbook and authoring over 25 peer-reviewed articles. His innovative surgical techniques include keyhole skull base procedures, transeyelid procedures, awake brain bypass, and neurorestorative procedures for paralysis.

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