Case Studies in Immunodeficiency and Anemia

Case Study 1: Recurrent Infections and Mediastinal Mass Explore an intricate case of a patient who presented with recurrent infections and a mediastinal mass. Post-surgery, the patient experienced significant weight loss, esophageal candidiasis, prolonged fever, and persistent diarrhea over the course of 9-10 months. Delve into the investigations conducted, differential diagnosis, and the comprehensive approach that led to the final diagnosis. Understand Good's Syndrome, including its pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment modalities such as thymoma resection. Case Study 2: Sideroblastic Anemia Investigate another fascinating case of a patient initially suspected to have microcytic hypochromic anemia due to small and pale RBCs. Through detailed history, examination, and investigations, including an iron profile, a surprising underlying cause was discovered. Gain in-depth knowledge about the diagnostic process and the ultimate diagnosis. Join us to enhance your understanding of these complex cases and refine your diagnostic skills in immunodeficiency and anemia.

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