Management of Acute Upper GI Bleed

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About the webinar

The importance of a properly designed workplace is often overlooked. Occupational ergonomics help to support your movements and minimize strain. It is important to set up your work environment accordingly and take certain behaviors into consideration. You can minimize poor posture and pain through balanced movements and an ergonomic workplace. Find out the benefits that await you below. For optimum concentration, the room temperature should be between 20 and 22°C. Ensure plenty of fresh air and adequate natural light – artificial lighting should be avoided where possible. To prevent windows and sources of light from reflecting off your screen, your desk should be situated in front of the window with the back against it. Daylight is best from a side angle as backlight can strain the eyes

About the Speaker

Mr Jerold Abraham 200x200

Mr. Jerold Abraham

HoD Physiotherapy in NMC Hospital, UAE

He completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Dr. M G R Medical University , also completed his MD Physiotherapy in Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation from the same Institute. Also, he is a certified posture specialist and member of American Medicine of Lifestyle Medicine. Currently he is pursuing his Doctor Of Physiotherapy in University of Montana, USA. He holds a Certificate from Cornell University in Plant based Nutrition. Now, he is working as HOD of Physiotherapy in NMC Speciality Hospital , UAE . Additionally he is founder of the lifestyle programme. He has his expertise in pain management, posture alignment, sports injuries and Rehabilitation , preventive care, postoperative assessment and basic life support.