Acute Management of Stroke

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About the Case Presentation

Acute management of stroke involves rapid assessment and intervention to restore blood flow to the affected brain area, minimizing damage and improving outcomes. Key interventions include the administration of thrombolytic agents like tPA or mechanical thrombectomy within a critical time window, along with supportive care and monitoring in a specialized stroke unit. Prompt imaging, such as CT or MRI, aids in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, while ongoing rehabilitation and secondary prevention strategies help mitigate long-term effects and reduce recurrence.

About the Speaker


Dr. Shefali Sharma

Head & Assistant Director
Department of Emergency Medicine & Trauma Center
Tender Palm Superspeciality Hospital

Dr. Shefali Sharma  is currently the Head & Assistant Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine & Trauma Center at Tender Palm Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow.  She is a certified Emergency Medicine Consultant by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, London UK, and an overseas Consultant grade MRCEM examiner for Royal College London. With over 10 years of experience in managing trauma and acute emergencies.Previously, she worked at Apollo Hospital as Consultant & ED Incharge, with a decade-long association with Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad. Dr. Sharma’s expertise lies in the development, standardization, and streamlining of Emergency Departments to ensure the delivery of safe and quality patient care. Proficient in all emergency procedures, including adult and pediatric resuscitation and airway management, she is actively involved in training, developing clinical pathways, and implementing new departmental initiatives. Additionally, she serves as an active member of various hospital committees