Docs-in-Talks: Chapter 003
New age career planning for Emergency Medicine doctors

Dr. Naveen N, a seasoned Emergency Medicine (EM) professional, shared his journey into EM, initially driven by limited post-internship options but growing into a rewarding career. He highlighted the challenges and opportunities in EM, such as dealing with trauma, navigating medico-legal issues, and ethical dilemmas, while also underscoring the diverse skills acquired and the flexibility in work hours. Dr. Naveen touched upon the financial considerations between corporate and smaller hospitals, the importance of specialized training like the Fellowship in Emergency Medicine (FEM) for career advancement, and the global demand for EM professionals, especially in the UK, advising careful career planning and specialized training to enhance prospects.

Similarly, Dr. Sophia S, Manager of Medical Content, Medvarsity emphasized the importance of continual learning and upskilling for doctors post-internship. Highlighting the varied paths doctors take, influenced by financial considerations and further education, she noted that regular learning boosts confidence and competency in handling complex cases. Dr. Sophia advocated for continuous education through courses and seminars to improve patient care and adapt to advancements in healthcare, underlining the significant impact of staying updated on doctors’ career growth and their ability to improve patient outcomes.

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