Docs-in-Talks: Chapter 008
Engaging Students/Faculty in New-Age Career Planning

In Dr. Swaroop’s insightful talk to recent graduates of Fellowship in Emergency Medicine, he emphasized the importance of staying ahead in the competitive medical field. He highlighted the necessity of establishing a unique personal brand to stand out among the multitude of doctors. Dr. Swaroop shared his own success story of incorporating robotics into small hospitals, showcasing the value of innovation and strategic partnerships.


Furthermore, he encouraged the students to upskill and adapt to emerging trends, such as video laryngoscopy and advancements in AI and ML technology. Dr. Swaroop stressed the significance of maintaining a strong online presence through social media and professional platforms like YouTube, as well as the importance of regularly publishing articles to enhance visibility and credibility in the medical community. Overall, his message resonated with the idea that continuous learning and proactive branding are essential for long-term success in the evolving landscape of healthcare.

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